Congestion will only get worse

Warwick district councillors have approved their Local Plan for submission. Thousands of new homes will be built in south Warwick, with the over-development in one area causing problems for our town and residents.

We are particularly concerned that Warwick’s traffic congestion will increase and the already dangerous air quality will worsen with consequent health risks for residents. The transport infrastructure has not been fully funded. Nor has the funding for all the new schools been agreed. While we support the building of more affordable homes, we are not clear the Local Plan has enough safeguards to ensure the required number will be built.

We are calling for an independent body to be set up to monitor the Local Plan for air quality, congestion, health effects, transport infrastructure, school places and the percentage of affordable housing being constructed each year.

Cllr Jenny St John; Cllr John Holland; Cllr John Sullivan; Dave Sternberg; Roger Smith; Jackie D’Arcy; Raj Kang; John-Paul Bromley; Raj Randev; Alec Roberts, Residents of Warwick