Council should issue apology

In response to a letter in your columns entitled ‘Hoping for better in four years’, as one of the town councillors who attended the Remembrance service that day, the civic dignitaries set off in good time from our town hall to make it up to St Mary’s Church.

In years gone by the Remembrance Day service has always run like clockwork and it is considered by many to be the best Remembrance Service in the area, and in line with the county town of Warwickshire.

What transpired however was that Church Street should have been closed off to traffic by the county council for the morning by way of a traffic order.

This did not happen and the civic dignitaries were held up while the police stopped traffic to enable the procession to proceed to the church, hence the reason for the lateness in the service.

Reference was also made to an audio rendition of the last post in the letter. I can confirm that the rendition of the Last Post was played by a young musician playing a trumpet and was stood to the side of the memorial.

I, along with other councillors, have felt let down by the county council and can only assume an official apology will be forthcoming.

Cllr Martyn Ashford, Warwick North