Get behind our bid for gold

This year the Leamington in Bloom Committee will once again be entering for the Heart of England in Bloom competition, but not as a large town.

With a slight increase in population we have crossed the threshold of eligibility for entry into the “small city” class. This means that we shall be up against the likes of Shrewsbury and Solihull.

But there is no reason why we should not still be in the running for a Gold award, if we can maintain our high standards of floral displays in parks and public places.

But it is no longer just a question of flowers in bloom. These days the judges are just as interested in the extent of commitment by local volunteers, residents’ organisations and ‘Friends of’ groups to the improvement of their local environment.

Meanwhile, all our local ‘in Bloom’ events will be taking place as usual, with a few more projects under consideration or already begun. Tiny geranium plants are going out to Leamington primary schools at the beginning of the summer term which the children will grow on class-room window sills ready for the familiar geranium trains in Jephson Gardens and on Leamington Railway Station platform.

Entries for the domestic gardens competition should be in by June 15. Entry forms are available from the town hall, the information centre in the Royal Pump Room and from The Flower Shop, Regent Street; Regency Flowers, Regent Grove, and Sarah Horne, Warwick Street. The forms can also be downloaded from the town council website at

We are now introducing a new blog of our own which will become our main channel of communication with the public, a kind of hub with links to other websites of local environmental interest. You can find it at
If there are any community gardening or environmental initiatives taking place in Leamington that we don’t know about, the committee is keen to lend support. Contact - publicity on our blog is free and there are usually town council small grants available to help with development.

Jim Dean, Secretary, Leamington in Bloom