Leader is needed for co-ordination

Mr Smith’s response to my letter appears to justify my arguments about being an Independent councillor. Members of the various parties on Warwick District Council represent wards in different areas of the district and there may be occasions when proposals for one ward may be detrimental to the residents there but the collective view of the party would support the proposals.

I would prefer to benefit from hearing diverse and disparate views of all the individual members of the council and not see debate stifled when members are persuaded to agree a party line. Every member should have the opportunity to speak their minds within the council chamber, not just within group meetings. We need to be fully aware of all the issues in order to make informed decisions.

Anyone conversant with council processes will understand that a group leader is chosen by its members to act as a figurehead in liaising in regular meetings with senior officers. We cannot all be present at these meetings but need a communication channel to reflect our individual views on any proposals coming forward. The group leader also attends the executive meetings in a contributory role on our behalf and, with agreement, appoints group members to the various committees, co-ordinating our representation in all council activities.

Cllr Linda Bromley, Independent, Warwick District Council