Library should be part of any hub

Adding my support to L.M. Vickers and Richard Ashworth (Courier letters), I too was appalled at the idea of moving our excellent library from the Pump Room, and I have written to my councillor and the relevant county and district council officers to express my deep concern.

This library is a fundamental part of the facilities provided for the public under one roof at the Pump Room; it is an attractive and convenient complex and is well used, and surely the library is an essential part of any cultural hub. I feel if it was removed it would be less convenient and less well used. Its design works so well with the reference and study area upstairs away from the rest of the library, a wonderful conversion from the old swimming pool.

It is fine to envisage linking the Pump Room complex with other cultural facilities across the river, but please councillors, do not even contemplate removing the library.

I hope other readers will be alerted to what we as a town might lose and make their views known to their councillors.

J.M.Bradley, Ennerdale Close, Leamington