Losing spaces is short-sighted

Warwick District Council would seem to be suffering with tunnel vision. Of course we all see the need for affordable housing but not at the expense of good Warwick town centre parking space.

Waterloo Housing has re-submitted an application to build just 13 residences (three houses and a three-storey block of 10 apartments) on West Rock car park in Warwick. A minimum of 41 car parking spaces will be lost and season ticket holders are to be moved to the multi-storey car park in Linen Street.

We have already had an application for a five-storey block of 37 flats by Waterloo Housing in Theatre Street passed. As part of that application 46 car parking spaces in the Linen Street car park are being allocated to residents. In other words our town centre will be losing a total of a minimum of 87 car parking spaces with these two applications.

I do have my personal reasons for objecting to this application, however, I fail to understand the reasoning of Warwick District Council, particularly as this all comes in the week that we read on the front page of your paper that the blueprint for thousands of homes, many of which are to be located on the outskirts of Warwick, was passed by the council. Once these car parking spaces are lost they can never be got back again. Surely the need is for further car parking spaces in the future?

Tony Sarson, Oken Court, Warwick