Never have I been let down

Might I be allowed to express surprise at the views expressed by one of your correspondents (Courier, last week) when he complained at the lack of a suitable response to his emails to our MP, Chris White? This is totally in contrast to the experiences I have had on the several occasions that I have written to Mr White during this parliamentary term. I have always received a rapid response from his office, to be followed by a detailed letter from him in a very short time (not necessarily having all the answers I would like!) and never have I been let down. On the last occasion that I sent an email I received an acknowledgement within 10 minutes, to be followed within half an hour by a telephone call from him, during which we were able to discuss the points that I had raised.

I believe that our constituency has been very fortunate for the past five years in having a Member of Parliament who not only contributes in the working of Parliament and Government, but also takes a very keen interest in, and supports, a vast range of associations, clubs and causes in this area. It is my view that he earns every penny of his so-called ‘lucrative’ salary - there are not many who would do it so conscientiously for that money.

Richard Ashley, address supplied