Punishment for conmen is a joke

I am writing to you regarding the Courier front page story ‘Conmen who tricked OAPs are caught red handed - but they are spared jail terms’. (Dec 19).

Surely I am not alone in being incensed by these two vile individuals Herciu and Bucioaca who were caught red-handed when conning our local OAPs out of thousands of pounds and were handed suspended sentences (which actually means that unless they get caught again they walk away scot free).

What the heck was the judge thinking? Does he/she honestly think they will ever do the 150 hours unpaid work? Does he/she honestly think that they will be rehabilitated after receiving these horrific sentences? The plain fact of the matter is that these foul criminals will actually be plying their evil trade somewhere else in the country probably as I write this letter.

The judge (who I noticed was unnamed) has failed in his/her duty to protect our citizens and far more importantly our OAPs by allowing these convicted criminals to effectively walk free.

When will the judges and justices realise that issuing lenient sentences on criminals, especially ones caught red-handed, is not acceptable. They have a duty to protect us and our property and in this instance they have failed miserably.

Mick Spall, Bury Road, Leamington