Selling off the family silver?

There is currently a sensitive question of public ownership and the disposal thereof in the ancient borough of Warwick.

Courier readers may now well be aware of the apparent determination of Warwick District Council to sell off for housing, part of a town car park in the centre of Warwick. Like gold dust one might think, it is after all a piece of real estate in a busy town centre available as a public parking facility. In its own right as a car park, it is a valuable facility for local business, shoppers, banks, offices etc, and the council tax payers of Warwick.

A usefulness not apparent it seems to Warwick District who have decided to sell this car park to a property developer. How does this guardian of the town’s wellbeing justify such a decision? Well it seems they think there is adequate alternative parking available in the town centre. To which the motorists, who daily cruise around Warwick town centre looking for somewhere to park their car, might furiously call out something worse than rubbish.

What Warwick’s council tax payers might like to know is how did this decision to sell off a useful asset that contributes to the well being of their town come about. Was it politically moved or simply a cash starved organisation selling off the family silver to pay a few bills. Surely we the owners should know. Who made this decision? It is after all a sensitive time in politics.

Richard Warner, Cocksparrow Street, Warwick