Signs add nothing but clutter

Councillor Weber’s letter (Courier, November 22) concerning letting boards for student accommodation hits the nail on the head. They are unnecessary and they do little other than contribute to street clutter.

A number of Local Planning Authorities with large student populations (e.g. Nottingham City, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Leeds and others) have obtained permission to control these letting signs with what is called a Regulation 7 Direction. The case for this has been made on a number of grounds including: (i) the problem of street clutter and (ii) the danger that signs alert criminals to the locations of student properties and thus expose all residents to burglary.

‘To Let’ signs are controlled under the Town and Country Planning legislation. However, more needs to be done. In other towns and cities the period of display and the number, size, design and location of boards have been subjected to additional control.

I know of a number of residents who share my view that the time has come for Warwick District Council to do the same.

Gordon Fyfe, Radford Road, Leamington