Social housing is vitally needed

Shame on Warwick district councillors, doubtless all comfortably housed themselves, for turning down 31 vitally-needed units of social housing in Leicester Street.

You say there were “17 objections”. What’s the population of our area? The objector you quote appears to be vexed because it was to be affordable social housing. Breathtaking!

They, in any case, were anonymous, rendering their complaint nul and void in my opinion, as how do we know they even live here, or don’t have a hidden vested or financial interest? How many of the other 16 objections were anonymous?

If the concern of WDC was architectural, surely the Waterloo Housing plan could have been approved in principle, with a proviso to re-submit a better design? I hope the councillors who voted no can sleep at night. The homeless and those in B&Bs certainly can’t.

Jeremy Q. Sleath, Leam Terrace, Leamington