Still no new permit for parking

Mr Brickwood (letters last week) is not the only one having trouble with the new parking scheme.

On November 3, I sent an email to Warwick District Council after reading in the Courier about the new parking contractors and would we be getting reminders for December renewals. The reply I got was ”I am sorry, I am unable to answer your enquiry. Please contact the new contractors”.

This I did by phone on the 4th and was informed that they would be sending them out within the next week. By the 24th I had still not received the reminder so again phoned and was told that they were not sending them out for December 1st but I could do it over the phone there and then. This I did and was told it had been processed and I should get it within about a week. By December 12 I had still not received the new permit, so I contacted them again and was told it was in the post and if I hadn’t received it by the next of the following week to get in touch.

I have never had a reminder about the renewal or the new permit up until the 19th when I phoned again and they agreed that a permit had been issued on the November 25 but they would issue a duplicate by second class post. This I expect to receive some time in the New Year. In the meantime I am parking in a residents only zone without a valid permit.

Kenneth Feast, Roe Close, Warwick