Thanks to all for their support

The Rotary Club of Southam would like to thank the people of Southam for the excellent support received in our tenth year of the Tree of Light in Southam. This year raised £2,027 for the Acorns Children’s Hospice. Over the last nine years we have donated over £ 17,500 to Acorns Hospice from our Tree of Light.

Acorns Hospice receives no subsidy from government funds and, at present, is in need of money to continue their excellent service so the help provided by all our supporters will give them encouragement and help in their vital work.

Southam Library staff have been extremely helpful to our cause with displaying the Book of Remembrance and receiving donations and thanks to all who helped to distribute our leaflet and collect donations including Southam Carpets and Jacquelines Florists and to those who reproduced it in their parish magazines and of course our many generous donors.

A special thanks to Southam Carpets who have supported us again this year but in addition are now providing the power supply for the tree lights.

We are also grateful to Southam Christmas Lights Committee for their assistance with the Tree of Light.

We look forward to your help and support in 2015 and hope to meet and exceed our annual target of £1,500 once again.

Mike Gaffney, Rotary Club of Southam