The council can do more to take down letting boards

I am writing to follow up Councillor Weber’s letter of November 22 (and story in Dec 12 edition). I too am horrified by the proliferation of signs in the town advertising houses for student letting.

Many of these say that the property has already been rented, and look as if they may become permanent fixtures.

Leamington is an attractive town, with some handsome streets and terraces. The planning department works hard to monitor alterations to listed buildings and to designate conservation areas in the town. Yet it is allowing its own work to be undermined by these ugly and intrusive signs.

At present the letting agents appear to be running rings around the council. Councillor Weber is being too kind in saying that these signs are ‘a legitimate form of advertisement’.

What can we expect to see next: illuminated signs and flashing lights on properties to let? According to the Town & Country Planning Act (Control of Advertisements) 2007, signs must be taken down 14 days after a tenancy is granted.

Many of the signs which are having such a damaging impact on the townscape by turning the south of the town into a giant advertising hoarding are therefore breaking the law.

The council should take robust action and - as Sheffield City Council did last August - step in to remove them.

Louise Thomson, Leam Terrace, Leamington