We care deeply about the future

How sad it was to read, in last week’s edition of the Courier, that the Local Plan, in its current format, has been submitted for approval. Councillors from all but the south and west of the county lining up to deliver their righteous nonsense on how this was the only feasible plan possible.

Take for instance Cllr. Alan Boad (Lib, Leamington Crown) who suggested he had spoken to protestors and posed the question “where are your children and grand-children going to live” to which he received a response “not here” and “I don’t care”.

If this actually happened, this will be the first time in all the years I have been in opposition to this plan that I have ever heard such a response. In fact the reverse is true. It is because all of the opposition to this plan care very much about the future of their town and what will be left of it for their offspring. They care very much that infrastructure proposals for this debacle are next to non-existent, they care very much about the air pollution in the area which is just about to get a whole lot worse, they care very much about the increasing pressure this will add to hospital care in the area.

It may be possible that the protesters Alan speaks of came from his own ward so of course their children and grand-children won’t be living in the Crown ward because there are no significant new house builds planned for there. So ask yourself Alan why did you vote to accept this plan?

Then we come to Cllr. Moira-Ann Grainger (Con, Warwick North) who in voting to accept this plan suggests she has a heavy heart. She is also reported as saying that “if we reject the plan we could see a scenario where developers are able to build more houses in Warwick”. Please, get real, do you live on another planet? House developers are swarming all over the south of Warwick and this council has let this happen before this plan has been rubber stamped. Only last week I attended yet another seminar, this time for AC Lloyd, who are not happy with the 200 homes you have already granted them and want to add another 520 homes? Once again I see no significant house building for Warwick North in this plan so I would also ask you to consider why you voted to accept it?

Here is an alternative plan. Let all the wards, whose councillors voted to accept this plan, take their share of this new house build planned and so help the offspring, in those areas, stay local. Of course this is a fairer deal for everyone, but when did that ever matter?

Gary Edwards, Earl Rivers Avenue, Heathcote