Doyle dons his backpack to close in on milestone

Balsall Common endurance athlete Paddy Doyle was back at Stamina's Gym to complete six more feats of strength and fitness as he closes in on the milestone of 500 documented records.

Friday, 1st April 2016, 11:46 am
Paddy Doyle in abdominal roller action. Picture submitted

The former paratrooper took on a three-minute multi-speed fitness challenge which saw him complete 30 step-ups on a 15-inch bench, followed by 83 full-contact body punch strikes and 96 medicine ball chest presses, all while carrying a 55lb backpack.

Each discipline took 60 seconds, with no rest break in between.

His second fitness endurance record saw him complete 20 abdominal roller repetitions in 81 seconds while carrying a 55lb backpack.

He kept the backpack on to complete 30 reps in 2min 6sec, 40 reps in 2:49 and 50 in 3:30.

The 2009 world fitness endurance champion then went on to complete 20 step-ups in a minute on a 15-inch bench while carrying a total weight of 125lb.

Doyle is gearing up for the climax to a year of record-breaking which will see him reach 500 with a special event at the Royal British Legion in Berkswell on May 7.

However, he says the constant quest to push his body further is taking its toll.

“ I am pleased to have increased my career total to 494 documented strength fitness titles,” said Doyle.

“Week by week it has been getting harder to maintain my commitment, stay focused and deal with injuries.

“The last ten months have tested me mentally. Pushing my body at the level I have been does test the mind.

“My support team from Coventry and Birmingham have been with me all the way, pushing me on every challenge and the May 7 finale will definitely be a day to remember.”