COMMENT: All the gear and no idea where to put it all after house move

Fond memories of this top. Has survived the cull so far.
Fond memories of this top. Has survived the cull so far.
  • By Paul Okey

How many running tops is too many?

That is the question I have been wrestling with since we started packing up to move house.

We needed to shed some belongings as there is less storage in our current house as it stands.

It was easy enough on badminton racquets as four is quite clearly more than anyone might need, while the football boots had started to rot through lack of use.

Six darts quickly became three (space really is at a premium) and the exercise bike was allowed to find a new family to dry their washing on it.

However, the piles and piles of running tops remain.

I managed to shed some while packing and then again some while unpacking in our new home but I’m still drowning under a sea of moisture-wicking fabric.

One for trail running. One for very hot weather. Long sleeve, short sleeve. Two club vests, for when one is in the wash. Marathon finisher T-shirts. Tops in white, in red and in blue. T-shirts that I feel comfortable in. Tops that don’t smell too much. Expensive tops that I have rarely worn.

And that is before I even get into the tops that go over the tops.

Keri reckons I need just seven as she is eyeing the drawer space.

She also thinks she should get more of the wardrobe allocation than me as she is a girl and has therefore got more clothes.

My counter-argument about her blatant gender stereotyping and her clothes being smaller than mine seems to hold no weight and I can see I am going to be down to seven tops in no time at all.

So if you see me entering a spate of races in the near future, you know it won’t be about getting a time but more about trying to restock my tops drawer.

And there’d better be T-shirts on offer for finishers, we certainly haven’t got space in the kitchen for any more mugs.