Dance is on the ‘razor edge of attraction and repulsion’

Ultima Vez. Picture by Danny Willems
Ultima Vez. Picture by Danny Willems

Fans of dance are promised an adrenaline-fuelled performance with a production that wowed audiences when it was first performed in New York.

Dubbed a “seminal dancework”, What the Body Does Not Remember will be staged by Brussels-based Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez at Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry.

Premiered in 1987, the production caused a sensation in the world of dance with its intense atmosphere and high- octane physicality.

It was so well received that it garnered a prestigious Bessie Award – unusual for a debut piece of choreography – for Vandekeybus and composers Thierry de Mey and Peter Vermeersch.

A spokesman for the production said: “It is neither polite dance nor pleasant shapes to pretty music. It balances on the razor edge of attraction and repulsion.

“The dancers are driven to act and react at high speed and with split-second timing to both each other and to the music – and where its moments of humour thread through explosions of aggression, fear and danger in an adrenaline-fuelled performance, played out on a combative landscape.”

It is on at 7.30pm on March 3 and the following day.

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