Magic and surprises in Red Riding Hood

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Take a fresh look at a classic as Little Red Riding Hood gets a magical twist with the Cubbington Players.

The village amateur dramatics group will take on the family fairy tale story for its annual pantomime.

The production tells the age-old story of Riding Hood and Wolf - but things are not quite as they seem.

Granny’s power as a Good Fairy is waning, meaning she must retire to Elfland leaving the magic portal of wickedness open just a little.

But who will take her place and protect the village of Evermore? It has to be her granddaughter Lil, but she will have to find her magic powers to ensure the portal of wickedness can be closed for ever.

She must capture the magic of the Red Riding Hood to succeed - but a Big Bad Wolf, evil witch and her goblin helpers are all out to steal it.

Lil is not alone, she has Granny’s elves to help her and many other friends including Romeo and three little pigs.

The show will be held on the company’s stage in Broadway at 2pm both today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday). The play will return next Friday (January 23) at 7.20pm and on January 24 for an afternoon and evening showing.

Tickets, £6 from or contact 330609 or 428858. Also from DD Hardware, Ricky’s store and Bargain Booze.