Mrs Shakespeare in crazed new comedy

Irene Kelleher plays Mrs Shakespeare. Picture by John Allen
Irene Kelleher plays Mrs Shakespeare. Picture by John Allen

An hour-long Irish comedy will breathe new life into one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays when it comes to the Stratford stage this month.

Award winning playwright Ian Wild’s show, ‘Mrs Shakespeare’ is at the Bear Pit Theatre from February 16 to February 19.

The comedy, starring Irene Kelleher, plays out a world where William Shakespeare reincarnated as a woman, finds herself in a mental asylum, coming to the conclusion that she made a complete mess of writing Hamlet 400 years earlier.

Armed with a quill and beset by a rebellious cast of characters who are anxious not to be rewritten, she embarks on an epic reformulation of theatre’s most famous text under the new title of ‘Opheila’.

Unfortunately, William’s therapist is unsympathetic, mainly because he is possibly a reincarnated Christopher Marlowe, consumed with envy that has been festering away since 1559.

Presented by Wild Productions, the Irish touring company is coming to the town for the first time in what they hope will deliver a fast paced action adventure for all ages.

The play begins at 8pm each night and tickets are priced at £8 or £10, available via the Royal Shakespeare Company website at

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