Plenty to amuse in Priory’s panto

Mother Goose, Priory Theatre Kenilworth Until 4 January

Mother Goose is so often a brilliant choice for Panto because it’s a straightforward story.

Or so I thought! In the hands of the Priory it’s a twisty, turny tale with plenty to amuse.

Add a brilliant Dame (Mark Jefferies) who clearly enjoys adding plenty of ‘off piste’ moments including many a hefty backhand at the Kenilworth mayor. The singing and dancing are lovely with some gorgeous songs included.

I particularly enjoyed Demon Discontent’s (Daniel Kirk) rendition of Money (from Cabaret) performed with Will Grabbit (Connor Cunningham) and Arfur Gottit (Owen Prosser-Stock) and, yes, you do have a wonderfully evil laugh!

Fairy Goosedown’s (Natasha Lea) Truly Scrumptious was also truly scrumptious.

Family Goose – brothers Jack (Rachel Ann Johns) and Billy (Nathan Lloyd) live in grinding poverty in a tumbledown cottage, the rent is due and landlord Squire Seamus Stingfelt (Paul Sanders) has sent the heavies.

But Priscilla the Goose (Georgie Oag) – always a welcome sight – has laid some seriously large golden eggs to get them out of trouble.

Squire’s niece Jill (Charlotte Jefferies) is attempting to mediate as Jack’s girlfriend but finds herself plunged into poverty instead.

Mother Goose decides to trade Goose for beauty but even though she changes her mind Priscilla is stolen by Demon Discontent and the family travel to Gooseland to retrieve her.

King Gander (Mike Brooks – a treat to watch) allows Priscilla to choose.

This panto has everything you expect, great songs, set and effects, and a lot you don’t but it makes a great show for all the family.

Rating 8/10

By Jane Howard