Review: Electric performance from Modfather Paul Weller

Paul Weller in concert.
Paul Weller in concert.

Paul Weller, Warwick Arts Centre. March 10

The Modfather was on fine form for his intimate gig at Warwick Arts Centre last night.

He played a balance of classic Weller tracks and showcasing tracks from new Album, Saturns Pattern.

The new tracks blended in effortlessly with his classics; White Sky and I’m Where I Should Be from the new album are set to be firm favourites, especially the former with its strong rhythmic beat.

Of some of the older tracks, Porcelain Gods and Peacock Suit from Stanley Road was taken to new heights.

Weller was a bundle of energy playing with a force and conviction which has not diminished over the years.

The crowd was made up of mixture of younger Weller fans along with his faithful followers, who were all on fine form with some of the crowd getting a little exuberant resulting in a good natured tongue lashing from Weller.

It was a real treat for the fans for a living legend to be playing a smaller venue and to get up close and personal with the band. The audience were enveloped in the music and atmosphere that can sometimes get diluted in larger arena style venues, which will follow later this year.

Inevitably there will be some fans who would like Weller to play some of his almost 40 year back catalogue but he rarely does this and songs off the 20 year old ‘Stanley Road’ are firm favourites that the fans will want to listen to, time and time again.

Weller concluded with two encore’s before finally finishing in a rousing rendition of his Stanley Road album classic, ‘Changing Man’, much to the delight of his knowledgeable and appreciative fans, many of whom treat him with almost religious devotion.

By Sarah Howard.