REVIEW: Feel-good nostalgia in return of Heroes to life

Three Minute Heroes - Sheldon Green as Zac - Picture by Robert Day
Three Minute Heroes - Sheldon Green as Zac - Picture by Robert Day

Relive the ‘80s through a live musical tribute to 2 Tone with the return of Three Minute Heroes at the Belgrade.

Inspired by the music of The Specials and the 2 Tone scene, the show was produced by the Coventry theatre in 2000.

It has now returned to the stage to follow five heroes as they fight, love and play their way through the 70s and 80s.

And, writes Steve Adams, as the show opens, despite being 35 years since its heyday, the audience response proves the enduring appeal of 2-Tone.

The floor of the B2 theatre was packed with impromptu dancers by the finale of Bob Eaton’s homage to Coventry’s finest musical – and political – hour, and with just cause.

Not only did the feel-good musical hit all the right notes – striking a nice balance between comedy, teenage angst and the real-life drama of racism and unemployment in the recession-hit Britain of 1979 – but it contained a host of nostalgic images and sounds bound to ring bells with any Coventrian over the age of 40.

You don’t need to be middle-aged, or local, to enjoy the show of course, just to have an eye for a good performance – all the young stars acquitted themselves wonderfully – and an ear for a decent tune. Makes for a Special night out.

• Runs to October 25. or 024 7655 3055.