Review: Freedom and consideration in mesmerising movement

What the Body Does Not Remember, Ultima Vez / Dance Touring Partnership, Mar 4

The things the body does not remember are those moments in which it reacts instinctively, be it to danger or to affection. Such moments are powerful: they’re when we step out of ourselves - into the moment.

Being in the moment is what this fantastic show is all about. There is no story. Instead, a relentless sequence of perfectly choreographed moments of interaction.

Its a bit like watching children’s playground games, only the moves are far more energetic, the timing immaculate, the risks much greater.

Objects take on key roles: plaster bricks are balanced, caught, thrown between the troupe as they race across the stage with frenetic energy.

Two chairs take on surreal properties as dancers ‘sit’ lying down. Jackets and towels pass between hands, properties exchanged or stolen.

Four female dancers are involved in a ‘pat down’ routine: what are we watching – is it intimacy or assault?

The dancers roll, twist, but return again and again to the same striking poses. It is beautiful, rhythmic, geometric.

This performance was first conceived in 1987, and has been developed ever since.

It hasn’t dated a bit, because it gets right to the heart of the moment. In that moment we are free: there are no considerations, no qualms.

This international troupe richly deserved their three curtain calls.

Rating 9/10

By Nick Le Mesurier