Getting medieval with knights at castle event

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Trumpets will sound and knights will clash as the 
Ultimate Medieval Day 
comes to Kenilworth 
Castle at the weekend.

The brand new festival is English Heritage’s greatest medieval celebration, bringing together the best aspects of events all over the country in one weekend.

With a cast of hundreds, and a full-throttle programme of knightly combat, it will also be Kenilworth Castle’s biggest medieval event in centuries.

An authentic medieval joust and knights’ tournament are at the heart of the festival.

Teams of knights and squires will compete in challenges of skill and strength in spectacular arena shows in this fast-paced sporting event. This is a real competition with pride and victory at stake.

With hundreds of medieval characters setting up camp in the castle grounds, there’s much more to the weekend than armour-clad competition. Expect jesters, falconry, live music, encampments of medieval townsfolk in every area of the castle, hobby horse jousting for young (and young at heart) knights, authentic food and drink, a bustling medieval marketplace and more historic fun and games than ever before.

Tickets are available from£7.80 and can be booked by calling 0370 333 1183. Family ticket are also available.

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