Gothic chiller at The Talisman

Dracula (Alistair Joliffe) and Lucy (Alice Scott). Picture: James Harris Photography
Dracula (Alistair Joliffe) and Lucy (Alice Scott). Picture: James Harris Photography

Theatre at The Talisman in Kenilworth continues with a world premiere adaptation of a literary classic.

Although Bram Stoker’s gothic tale Dracula needs little introduction, the setting and performance promises to be fresh and very striking.

In 1897 Bram Stoker was touring manager to the actor Henry Irving and was enjoying a modest success as a journalist and writer.

Publication in that year of Dracula was to bring him international and lasting fame.

More than a 100 years on the Dracula mythology has inspired a vast subculture and various adaptations but the original story has never been better told than by Stoker himself.

In this new adaption writer and director Sam Harris has tried to remain as faithful to the original tale that Stoker penned as possible.

It has been stripped back to allow the story to be told by the actors in, what the director describes as “a compelling atmosphere of light and sound designed by the hugely imaginative technical team of Steve Roberts, Colin Thomas and Emily Tuff on a set designed by James Harris.”

Sam added: “Dracula has been my favourite novel since I was about 12-years-old.

“Whilst I have adapted the story before for other reasons, I have always wanted to try and create a serious dramatic piece of the theatre from it, keeping as faithful as possible to what Bram Stoker imagined as he sat looking out over the sea in Whitby.

“I am incredibly proud of what the whole company have achieved together in what has been an interesting and exciting collaborative process.

“We are also incredibly lucky to have received assistance from Stagefight Ltd who have helped us work in some beautifully choreographed and realistic fight sequences for that added bit of excitement.”

The Count himself is played by Alistair Joliffe with Dan Gough, Neil Vallance Katie-Anne Campbell and Alice Scott, Craig Shelton, Jack Sargent, Colin Ritchie, Rosemary Gowers, Henri West, Jon Patton and Ellie Gowers joining forces to try and thwart his evil plans.

The show runs from Saturday October 10 to Saturday October 17 with performances beginning at 7.30pm.

Tickets are between £7 and £8.50.

To book, call 01926 856548 or online via