Revisiting the Gunpowder Plot in a fresh new show

Guy Fawkes (played by Taresh Solanki) after capture
Guy Fawkes (played by Taresh Solanki) after capture

Warwickshire’s links to the Gunpowder Plot are explored in a new production coming to Warwick tonight (Friday).

It’s well known that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and was captured on November 5 1605, but few remember the rest of the plot.

There was the desperate raid by Catesby and his men on Warwick Castle, the plotters’ plan to take Princess Elizabeth from Coombe Abbey and make her queen after the removal of her father King James VI & I and the dramatic shootout at Holbeche House in nearby Staffordshire.

Warwickshire families and houses were a large part of the plot, with five of the 12 main conspirators - Bates, Rookwood, Catesby, Grant and Keyes - hailing from the county.

Baddesley Clinton, Ashby St Ledgers, Coughton Court, Norbrook, Coombe Abbey, Warwick Castle, the Red Lion at Dunchurch and many other local places feature strongly in the tale that unfolds.

The production is presented by Warwickshire-based theatre company Tell Tale, before it tours nationally in 2016.

Director Taresh Solanki said: “This is theatre but not quite as you know it. Forget sitting silently in the dark - Gunpowder Plot audiences will get a chance to reveal secret messages by candle light, and learn how to make invisible ink as the plots unfold around them.

“We have tried to make history fun and accessible to all the family without over simplifying it and I hope that comes across”

Playwright Emma Sian Cooper said: “The Gunpowder plot is a fascinating part of British history and makes for a great story. The more you learn the better it gets too.”

The performance takes place at Warwick Quaker Meeting House in High Street, Warwick. Tickets cost £9 or £5 for concession and are available on the door or in advance. Call 0844 8842920 or visit to book. Email for more information.