Roar-some escapades on stage in Warwick for Easter

Cast members have observed lions up close at West Midlands Safari Park
Cast members have observed lions up close at West Midlands Safari Park

Adventure comes to the Dream Factory in Warwick when the vibrant show Lion Boy takes to the stage.

The story, adapted from Zizou Corder’s novels, is presented by Playbox Theatre and features a cast of talented ten 18-year-olds.

Set in a polluted future where the air is so toxic that many children suffer from allergies, the show tells the story of Charlie Ashanti, who possesses a remarkable ability – he can speak ‘cat’. So when his parents are kidnapped, Charlie sets out to rescue them – with the help of a pride of lions he releases from a floating circus. A wild journey across a future Europe ensues.

Originally staged by Complicité in 2013, this stage adaptation by Marcelo Dos Santos arrives in a fresh, vibrant and unusual new production by Stewart McGill, with a cast of actors skilled in movement and text.

The actors have been on safari with keepers at West Midlands Safari Park to observe, close up, the behaviour, style, habits and movement of the lions.

The cast includes 14-year-old Freya Davis as Charlie Ashanti with Dylan Marshall, Flo Lloyd, Danni Burridge, Ed Butler, Syd Sutherland, Jacob White, Guy Devine, Mollie Blake, Tom Purchase-Rathbone, Freya Lang, Constanze Straub, Calum Blackie, Sophia Rowlett, Sol Shuckbrugh, Isabel Trinkle and Zoe Wallis.

They are joined by Lily Lister, Leah Moss, Teagan Gough, Abi Merryfield Day, Rose Agnew, Emily Pepper, Kitty Duffy, Lily Guram, Cameron Philip, Gabriel Gaiser, Mery Sutherland, Erin Davis, Katie Walsh, Joanna Stewart-Valera and Amelie Ashley-Timms.

The show runs from Thrusday April 13 to Saturday April 22. Call 419555 to book or for more information.