The best of Warwickshire on show in exhibition

Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington is currently hosting a variety of Warwickshire based artists, all showing their love for the county. The exhibition includes form photography of Jephson Gardens at night, along with watercolours of architecture, oils much more, all mixed together with abstract hearts by Sara Otter. Kate Livingson, from Deasil, said: “This is Sara’s first time exhibiting with Deasil and the work makes a truly beautiful accompaniment to the stunning Warwickshire views. We are very proud to live in Warwickshire and Leamington, and we think other people are too. These artists have truly captured the beauty of Warwickshire.”

Accompanying these beautiful Warwickshire depictions are two pieces by world renowned sculptor Peter Anton. Peter has been exhibiting internationally and selling to high profile clients and museums, and collectors for many years. Creates realistic food and sweets on a gigantic scale, making the viewer feel tiny and hungry at the same time. Kate said: “We absolutely love these two realistic sculptures.” The exhibition runs until Thursday March 9. Visit for details.