Warwick play explores how Hannah joined the army as a man

Elinor Coleman plays Hannah Snell in the production
Elinor Coleman plays Hannah Snell in the production

The story of a remarkable woman who disguised herself as a man to join the army in 1745 is being told in Warwick this weekend.

Theatre company Talking Birds will present a new, free and unique performance of The Female Warrior at St John’s House tomorrow ( Saturday) and Monday, May 29.

Working with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum (Royal Warwickshire), they will retell the remarkable story and adventures of Hannah Snell, who joined Guise’s Regiment, which went on to become the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Following the death of her baby and the disappearance of her husband, she left London and travelled north to the Midlands.

Hannah disguised herself as a man when she joined the Army, before returning to run an inn. She became famous and a celebrity of her era, even receiving an Army pension and having her picture reproduced.

Talking Birds has discussed Hannah’s experiences with modern day cadets and servicewomen as part of their research for the play.

Derek Nisbet, co-artistic director of Talking Birds, said: “In many ways it’s an incredibly modern story and speaks to our time.”

Free performances lasting 30 minutes will take place in the gardens at 1.30pm and 3.30pm on both days.

There will also be a performance on the Saturday evening at 7.30pm.

Refreshments will be available inside.

Call 491653 or visit www.warwickfusiliers.co.uk or www.talkingbirds.co.uk for more information.