Campaigners celebrate after plans to split Leamington and Warwick constituency dropped

Campaigners are celebrating after plans to carve up the Warwick and Leamington parliamentary constituency have been dropped.

Tuesday, 17th October 2017, 11:48 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 3:40 am
The new proposed parliamentary boundaries.

New proposals on the constituency boundaries in across the UK have been released today (Tuesday).

Last year’s proposals suggested moving Leamington into a constituency with Kenilworth and Warwick with Stratford.

But today’s revised proposal puts Warwick and Leamington together again - along with many more rural villages.

The previous proposed boundary changes.

The aim of the new boundaries were to even out the number of voters in each parliamentary constituency across the country. The original plans would have split Leamington and Warwick’s voters into two separate areas for the first time since 1885.

From these proposals came The 1885 community campaign, which was named after the year from which Warwick and Leamington have been represented together in the same constituency in Parliament.

The group was launched to campaign against the proposals and to keep Warwick and Leamington together in one parliamentary constituency.

Today the next consultation stage on the boundary changes has been released and Leamington and Warwicl are back together in the same constituency.

The previous proposed boundary changes.

Ben Wesson, a founding member of the 1885 Campaign, which was set up to oppose the changes, said: “I am delighted that the Boundary Commission has confirmed its intention to keep Warwick and Leamington as part of one parliamentary constituency.

“Throughout the consultation, local people, politicians, businesses and community organisations made it known that the two towns form one community of common interest.

“We have demonstrated once again that our resolve to keep Warwick and Leamington together is stronger than the civil servants’ desire to tear us apart.

“Thank you to everyone who signed our petitions, filled in the consultation or spoke at the Boundary Commission hearing in Leamington.

“This is a truly great result for our towns.”