Police warn of bogus door step seller in Cubbington

Police are warning people in the Cubbington area to be aware of a suspicious man posing as a door step seller for a charity.

Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:26 pm

Warwick Rural East Safer Neighbourhood Team has reported that on Tuesday (May 21) at about 7.30pm a man knocked on the door of a house in Kelvin Road and stated he was Ex Forces and was working for the charity Helping Hands and was selling household items.

The man, who was carrying a large holdall bag, told the resident that if he managed to sell two items he would be provided a bed by the charity.

The resident did not buy any items and later called Helping Hands for which a member of staff stated it would not ask homeless people to knock on doors and sell items.


The charity informed the resident that this was a scam and the police needed to be informed.

A spokesman for the safer neighbourhood team said: "If you experience the above do not buy any items from the door step callers and report the incident to police on 101."