Leamington school asks parents to give views on changing its uniform to tracksuits

Parents and pupils at Telford Junior School in north Leamington are being asked to give their thoughts on a proposed radical change of uniform.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 12:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 5:04 pm
Telford Junior School. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

If the change goes ahead then the pupils' current uniform of grey trousers or skirts, white polo shirts, blue sweatshirt or cardigan and black shoes will be replaced by blue and white tracksuit bottoms - with tops still bearing the school’s crest - white sports socks and unbranded trainers.

The proposals were put forward by the school and its governors in a consultation that was launched at the school’s parents' evening last week.

And headteacher Richard Siviter has said the uniform change would be aimed at encouraging and supporting “active” learning in line with the national strategy.

He said: “We are hoping the views of the parents will shape the way forward for us if we do decide to make the change.

“So far we have had a fairly balanced response with many parents in agreement that a change could be good.

“The change would have the aim of developing a more active curriculum which is on the national agenda.

“An example of this would be maths lessons involving outdoor activities.

“Research suggests that this type of learning increases pupils’ productivity, improves their wellbeing, reduces obesity, improves their mood, reduces stress levels and makes them more active citizens going forward.

“We still want to maintain a uniform but we want it to be a uniform which allows the children to be active.

“The children are being asked to give their opinions on the change as well and some of their views are quite different to what we have had from parents.

“One idea which was not so well received was the idea of having a hoodies.

"That's something we will take into account.”

The new uniform would be worn throughout the day without the need for pupils to change into a kit for PE and games lessons.

Mr Siviter has told parents that the change could “simplify school uniform" and “reduce costs for families”.

He has also said that it could “save valuable lesson time”, “overcomes the issue of changing in school” and “reduces lost property”.

But some parents have reacted angrily to the proposals saying that tracksuits are “not appropriate” for the classroom and would encourage unruly behaviour while discouraging children to take pride in their appearance and wanting to look smart.

If the proposals are agreed by the parents, the new uniforms will be worn by pupils from next September.

The Telford Avenue school currently has about 350 pupils aged from seven to 11 and is rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted.