Lib Dems want 20mph speed limit for Kenilworth town centre and schools

A 20mph speed limit in Kenilworth town centre and by its schools is among the changes local Liberal Democrats would like to see implemented into the town's Neighbourhood Plan.

Monday, 7th August 2017, 5:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:01 am

The policy was included in the Kenilworth and Southam Liberal Democrats’ response to the Neighbourhood Plan’s consultation, which ends tomorrow (Tuesday August 8).

They would also like the speed limit to be enforced outside all schools and new developments.

Other policies the group has suggested include prioritising pedestrians and cyclists over motorists especially in the town centre, making new schools and sports centres develop ‘positive relationships’ with nearby residents, and building a new community centre in the new development east of the town.

A possible new Waitrose-style car park in the town centre has not been supported, as the group would like to encourage more use of public transport.

They feel these policies will help Kenilworth continue to be ‘a living and thriving community.’

The group’s chairman John Whitehouse said: “Kenilworth faces many challenges and opportunities in the next 15 years, and enabling local people to participate in the Neighbourhood Plan will help the town be better prepared for what lies ahead.

“The ultimate test, however, for each policy in the plan should be the extent to which it enhances community life.

“Concerns about infrastructure and environment are important, but should be secondary to the impact of developments on the town as a community that inspires its residents and workers and that welcomes its visitors.”

Their full response to the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation can be seen here