'˜Penalised' for changing colour of Warwick pub

An owner of one of Warwick's oldest pubs is hitting out after being told they have to get their pub repainted.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 10:24 am
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 10:58 am
Dilia Scott, pictured outside of her pub, the Roebuck Inn. NNL-181109-191432009

Dilia Scott, who owns and runs The Roebuck Inn on Smith Street with her family, feels they are being made an example of by Warwick District Council after the authority told her she could not keep the grey paint on the front of the pub.

A planning application was submitted by Heineken, the brewery behind the Roebuck Inn, but there was a mistake on the plans whereby permission was only requested for the rear of the building to be painted when the whole building was being painted.

Dilia said: “There was a mistake by Heineken or the contractors but we tried putting new applications but we have been told we need to put it back to back and white.

GV - Roebuck Inn, Smith Street, Warwick.. NNL-181109-193020009

“We had it painted for months and month and then we had an enforcement notice from them.

“I wasn’t aware of any issues with the painting because it had been done by contractors on behalf of Heineken – until the notice came through.

“We tried offering to change the colours so the beams were dark grey and the rest white but they wouldn’t have it.

“The whole building is Grade II but the council said I could keep they grey on the back because that had planning permission. Why would I have one pub different colours on the front and back?

GV - Robbies, Smith Street, Warwick.. NNL-181109-191932009

“I feel penalised. It is like they are making an example of us because there are other Grade II buildings that have been allowed to paint.

“Smith Street is a complete mix of colours. Robbies, which is also on Smith Street, is brown and cream and The Castle Inn, which isn’t on Smith Street and used to be The Vine, is painted grey.

“If you are going to have a mindset of black and white you need to look around and make sure they are black and white.

“I do believe the council has made mistakes as well because they approved the plans for the rear but didn’t question about the front of the pub being included or not when it was shown in the images in the plans. They never questioned it.

“They were more concerned about the replacing of the sign. The one we had was made of MDF and not the original. It needed replacing but now the brewery have said they will make a wooden sign instead.

“I am very disappointed with the council. We have been here 10 years, have looked after the building and it needed refreshing.”

The Roebuck Inn will have to be painted back to black and white by September 23.

When approached for a comment Warwick District Council referred The Courier to the Planning Inspectorates appeal dismissal.

Heineken attempted to appeal the council’s decision but this was dismissed for reasons including: the historical importance of 16th century timber framed buildings, because the ‘colours contrast with the traditional colour schemes for such buildings’ and that it fails to ‘preserve the special interest and heritage significance of the listed building.’ To view the appeal decision go to Warwick District Council’s planning portal and search: W/17/1439/LB.