People in Warwick District's generosity reaching children across the world

A children's hospital in Sierra Leone, with special links to the Warwick District, received a special gift at Christmas thanks to the generosity of Warwickshire people.

Thursday, 4th January 2018, 2:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th January 2018, 2:17 pm

Bo in Sierra Leone, benefited from collections made at last year’s panto at the Spa Centre and other donations made to the former Chair of Warwick District Council’s charity fund, Councillor Jane Knight.

During her year as Cllr Knight raised £13,000 for the Bo Children’s hospital, a charity she chose through her long association with the One World Link.

Built up over 36 years, the links have been built between schools, local government and health professionals in Warwick and Bo districts and through her friendship with the founder of the hospital Dr Wusuh Sannoh.

In November, Cllr Knight went to Sierra Leone to see for herself the difference the generosity of the people of Warwick district had made.

She said: “Through my friendship with Dr Sannoh, and previous visits made with One World Link.

“I was very aware that despite the magnificent efforts made by the founders and staff, the hospital was lacking all kinds of essentials to make it a truly effective health centre and that diagnoses of very poorly children had to be made without proper testing facilities.

“It was therefore such a joy to revisit the hospital and see what a huge difference the generous donations from Warwick District had made.

“There is now a well-functioning minibus, so that staff can have proper transport to work, a brand new microscope which not only examines blood samples but photos them as well.

“There are machines like a centrifuge, breathing machines and pumps to unblock babies’ lungs - the list goes on.”

During her visit Cllr Knight discovered that some of the life-saving equipment, was being over used because of the demand for it to save babies’ lives.

She now anxious to do further fundraising to increase the number of functioning machines to save more young lives.

One World Link (OWL) has been promoting friendships between Bo District in Sierra Leone and Warwick District in the UK, since 1981.