Kenilworth town council working to increase tourism in town

Kenilworth is looking at the possibility of buying two ‘totem pole’-style information points as part of a larger effort to increase tourism in the town.

Friday, 4th October 2019, 4:27 pm
Cllr Richard Dickson and Cllr Alix Dearing, who lead the Kenilworth Tourism Working Group for the Kenilworth Town Council

The Kenilworth Tourism Working Party Group, led by Cllr Alix Dearing and Cllr Richard Dickson, has met to discuss ways to improve tourism for the town.

The group is looking at the possibility of setting up two information points - called monoliths - in town, with one at Kenilworth Station and another in Abbey Fields.

The estimated time frame for the monolith signs is next spring.

'Totem pole-style sign the town is considering in two places

Cllr Dearing said: “At the moment visitors coming by train are marooned with no directional signs or maps.

“We want the design to include maps, direction signs, contact information, QR codes and links to digital information.”

The tourism group is also working on establishing route marking signs, often referred to ‘wayfinding’ signs, from Kenilworth Station into town, to the castle, to Abbey Fields and the High Street.

The tourism group encourages anyone with suggestions on how to improve tourism to contact the town council via email: [email protected]

Cllr Dearing said: “Kenilworth is a great place to visit with everything going for it. We have a lot of fabulous food and drink outlets, great places to stay, brilliant events – duck race, fireworks, carols organised by voluntary groups, a music and arts festival, historic and archaeological sites such as the Abbey Barn, lovely town and country walks and vibrant arts and crafts and many other businesses.

“We want to extend the benefits of tourism, encourage people to stay longer, spend more, and keep Kenilworth ‘open for business’ with the inevitable road closures caused by HS2.”