Leamington woman loses 11.5 stone as part of her plan to be healthy enough to have children

A Leamington woman is sharing the personal story of how joining a Weight Watchers group helped her to lose more than a third of her body weight.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 12:45 pm

Tilly Pimlott, 36, weighed 29st and 2.5lbs wants to have children and had to take action in order to lose the weight needed so she could have a gastric sleeve fitted.

She joined Debbie Hancock's Weight Watchers workshop at the Cricket Club in Southam on a Wednesday morning and a year later , this month, she has lost 164lbs or 11.5st.

Tilly, who works in customer complaints, said: ""I have changed my whole life"

Tilly Pimlott before and after her weight loss.

"Losing the weight has even given me more confidence in my daily work which can be pretty tough sometimes as people can become very angry and agitated as they complain but Weight Watchers has also taught me how to deal with stress and worked on my mindset as well - its not all about what you eat but how you cope and control what you eat when under pressure.

"I used to fill up on a tremendous amount of carbs, takeaways and cakes - now I tend to eat a higher protein diet and loads of fruit and veg.

"I am now very mindful of portion sizes and I enjoy salads, adding pulses to my daily meals and a variety of vegetables.

"The support I have had from WW has been amazing and I look forward to my weekly workshop where there is a different technique to contemplate each week.

"Since losing the weight I have reduced my blood pressure and had the procedure.

"I now have to wait for two years before I am able to contemplate getting pregnant so its now a waiting game.

"However I am determined to continue with my journey with WW as without them I wouldn't have got this far, and I'm looking forward to the fairytale ending."