Smokers in Leamington and Warwick could win £500 and help a charity by using free portable ashtrays

Smokers in Leamington and Warwick are being offered the chance to win £500 and to help a charity for homeless people by using portable ashtrays issued by the anti-litter campaign Clean Up Britain.

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 11:30 am

As part of its Now or Never anti-litter behavioural change campaign in Leamington, Clean Up Britain is offering all smokers a free portable ashtray and asking them to fill-in a two minute online survey to give their views about it.

Everyone who fills in the form will be eligible for the Prize Draw, consisting of one prize of £500 and another ten prizes of £50 each.

In addition, for every online survey completed by Courier readers, an anonymous benefactor will donate £3 to the Leamington Night Shelter.

A leaflet for the campaign.

John Read, Founder of Clean Up Britain, said: “A shocking 24 Billion cigarette butts are littered every year in Britain, making them the number 1 littered item in the world.

"These butts are toxic, contain cellulose acetate - a form of plastic - and pollute rivers and other water sources.

"We want to see if smokers might be persuaded to use portable ashtrays, instead of just chucking their butts on the ground and causing severe environmental damage and visual pollution”.

The Courier is a partner of Clean up Britain for the Now or Never Campaign.

The portable ashtrays can be collected from the reception at the Town Hall in The Parade.

In Japan more than 90 per cent of smokers use portable ashtrays.