Zombie survival experience coming to Leamington

A zombie survival experience set to come to Leamington.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 1:01 pm
Zombie Nightmare will be coming to Leamington. Photo supplied by Wicked Experiences.
Zombie Nightmare will be coming to Leamington. Photo supplied by Wicked Experiences.

'The UK's best zombie experience' will be coming to The Royal Priors Shopping Centre in Leamington later this year.

The hour-long zombie experience called Zombie Nightmare will see the shopping centre placed on lockdown as those who are brave enough venture into the post-apocalyptic world to solve clues, escape the undead and ultimately survive.

Award winning Zombie Nightmare, which has previously toured the country, has been hailed as a combination of tension and terror.

Zombie Nightmare will be coming to Leamington. Photo supplied by Wicked Experiences.

The event is run by Wicked Experiences and Director Ash Gamon is looking forward to bringing the event to Leamington.

“We have previously taken Zombie Nightmare to seven shopping centres across the country and the feedback we’ve had has been great," said Ash

"We have just won an award declaring it the UK’s Best Zombie Experience. Zombie Nightmare has been updated and improved for this season.

"We can’t wait to bring it to Leamington to deliver some fear."

Sarah Jones, Royal Priors Shopping Centre manager, said: “This is the first time we have ever held such an interactive and ‘terrifying’ event, which takes in the whole centre as its stage.

"November is a great time of year to host engaging events for our shoppers and it’s already generating a ‘spook-tacular’ amount of interest.

“Zombie Nightmare will really appeal to people’s love of the supernatural. The production of the event is incredibly life-like and will have the imagination running wild. We can’t wait to watch the ghoulish games commence.”

Here's a look at what the story behind 'Zombie Nightmare'

The story reads: "It has been a year since the Zombie Nightmare first began.

"Previously a cure was discovered and rescued from the safe zone which had become overrun by the undead. However, the cure did not work and no one knows why? The clues left by Dr Carroll were followed but when the cure was analysed it was ineffective.

"The military forces are now completely defeated and civilisation is left in ruins. In a post-apocalypticworld a small band of survivors try to find out what went wrong. Was the cure a lie? Did it really exist? Is there any hope left?

"The survivors are sending in brave teams to investigate if a cure is real and to finally find out the truth.

"Can you work together to find the truth, escape the undead and survive?"

The event take place throughout the evening of Friday November 22 and Saturday November 23.

Tickets are priced at £45 per person (plus booking fee) and are on sale now.

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