Talks to transform Kings Hill site underway

Talks to deliver a masterplan for land north of Kenilworth which will see new schools, roads and community facilities being built are already underway.

Friday, 1st April 2016, 7:00 am
Warwick District Local Plan Modifications 2016

Development of land at King’s Hill and to the east of Burton Green, set aside for 1,800 and 425 homes respectively in Warwick district’s Local Plan, is being discussed by Warwick District Council and other relevant groups, such as Coventry City Council and Warwick University.

Cllr Michael Coker (Con, Abbey) is to be the council member lead for the process, supported by Cllr George Illingworth (Con, Abbey) in his role as HS2 representative, as the proposed high-speed line will bisect the land once construction starts.

Cllr Coker said: “There has to be a broad consultation and agreement on all sorts of matters. What we’re aiming to do is to cooperate with neighbours to ensure that this development either side of the border is beneficial to each other.

“We felt that we couldn’t start talks too early - the sooner we start talking about it the better it is for everybody.

“The whole area is affected by HS2, and I think one has to say that we accept that it’s necessary for us to plan the development very carefully for the benefit of people on both sides of the line.”

Along with HS2, the development will also be influenced by a revised masterplan for the University of Warwick and long-term plans for a new road link between the A46 Stoneleigh junction through to the ‘UK Central’ development in Solihull and onto Birmingham Airport, according to council officers.

A mission statement outlined what is set to be built in both patches of land.

It stated Kings Hill will get a new railway station, and the rest of the area will see a ‘strengthened and improved network’ of roads and a network of cycle paths.

There will be at least one new primary school, and potentially a new secondary school to cope with the increased numbers of school-age children who will live there. If no secondary school is built, nearby schools will increase their capacity.

The housing planned for the areas are set to be of ‘high quality’, and affordable housing will also be built.

Two new health centres will be built to serve the two areas, and both will incorporate infrastructure for emergency services and community meeting spaces.

Existing sports facilities will be retained or relocated, and additional sporting facilities will be built in both areas.

The mission statement also outlined what the development of the land should achieve once completed.

It stated: “The intention is to create a new 21st century living, learning and working quarter, which will be a place-shaping exemplar and a major boost to the regional and sub-regional economy, offering an unparalleled educational, residential and community environment.”

It also claims HS2’s proximity to the land will “stimulate and secure additional economic opportunities and will open the doors to wider markets both here and to the south.”