Town Crier keeps 107-year-old tradition alive at Warwick School

Once again, Warwick School students received a public news announcement in true historical style.

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 5:45 pm

The whole school gathered for the annual visit of the Warwick Town Crier, Michael Reddy, who requested that the Head Master grant permission for an extra week’s holiday at half-term for the boys.

The tradition, dating back to at least 1912, is an important part of the calendar at the school.

Luckily for the boys, permission has been granted for the past 107 years. The announcement that the ‘extra’ week of half-term holiday had been negotiated was greeted with huge cheers from the gathered pupils.

Warwick Town Crier, Michael Reddy, with pupils at Warwick School. Photo supplied.

After the announcement, the Town Crier and Head Master toured the school, visiting pupils in their classrooms and collecting for Mr Reddy’s nominated charity, Evelyn’s Gift.

Michael Reddy said “One of the highlights of my Town Crying year is addressing the pupils at Warwick School, a tradition that started over 100 years ago. This is my fifth year, and each year pupils and staff fill my tricorn with coins and notes for my chosen charity, which this year is Evelyn’s Gift.”

The charity was formed in 2014 after Evelyn Mary Smith passed away suddenly, aged just seven. The charity has two main aims; to provide little acts of kindness to people in need, and to train as many people as possible in CPR and life-support skills.

A spokesperson from Evelyn’s Gift said: “Privileged to be chosen by Warwick's Town Crier for his traditional collection at Warwick School. He raised £765.75 to help us at one of our busiest times of year.

"Thank you to Warwick School for donating to our charity so that we can continue to help local people in need.”

The excitement of the day also was captured by BBC Coventry and Warwickshire who record the event.