Warwick artists combine for Open Studios

Neighbouring artists are joining together to hold their first combined exhibition.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 4:53 pm
Claire Senevirante

In a street with just 13 homes, ceramic artist Claire Senevirante and sculptor Jonny Ambrose, who are showcasing their work, are wondering if their small Warwick street is one of the most creative during Warwickshire Open Studios?

Claire said:. “We know there are many other multi-artist streets and welcome a friendly challenge to discover the most condensed hub of creativity in Warwickshire."

Their exhibition, called Form and Flow is the main focus and takes place from June 15 to 30 at 15 Romeo Arbour in Warwick. What links the artist's work is they both use 3D forms and flowing patterns. However, each artist has contrasting techniques, totally different inspiration and use a range of diverse materials.

Jonny Ambrose

Claire, a Leamington born artist, sells her work through exhibitions, galleries and online. She enjoys talking to people about how to connect with her artworks.

She creates elegant porcelain smoke-fired vessels which are not intended for functional use but instead should be seen as fine art artefacts as well as jewellery.

. She said: "I like to create intrigue, for people to decipher my puzzle of lines and shapes within the works."

Jonny creates sculptures inspired by aerodynamic airflow. A lifelong passion for cars are themes in his work, yet the elegant artworks are abstracted so the automotive subject is not easily recognisable.

After a successful career in the games industry, co-founding a Leamington Spa studio, he returned to his first love of sculpture full time in 2016. He said: "I was longing to create tactile 3D artworks again, after making screen based digital art within games.".

"It's all about connection. If you can connect with a piece of artwork, the feeling that you experience will most likely be great joy or excitement, or it may be a more mellow calmness and be profoundly moving. Somehow the elements of art seem to evoke intense emotions and it's this that I'm constantly striving to achieve".

Jonny has since created sculpture trophies for prestigious USA car events, exhibited and sold worldwide.